Mezzaluna New York:

Mezzaluna’s story begins in the heartlands of the food and beverage industry; in New York. In 1984, the Milanese businessman Aldo Bozzi and famous Florentine architect Roberto Magris opened Mezzaluna with the intention of introducing New Yorkers to a new style for appreciating the authentic flavours and dining rituals of Italy. Bringing innovations to the wining-and-dining lifestyle in New York such as; thin-crust pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven and the serving of Tuscan olive oil at each individual table, together with its warm, personal, sophisticated atmosphere, Mezzaluna quickly rose to become one of New York’s premier meeting points.

Mezzaluna Turkey:

Appealing to a broad clientele with its classical «trattoria» style Italian Restaurant concept, presented with an innovative flair in a casual-dining environment, Mezzaluna quickly became a hit in New York. Then, in 1995 Mezzaluna came to Turkey with the aim of introducing Istanbulites to the warm, friendly atmosphere, exquisite flavours and cheerful table culture of the Italian trattoria. Mezzaluna’s first restaurant in Turkey was opened in Nişantaşı’s Abdi İpekçi Avenue. Just as it had been in New York, in a short time the restaurant achieved great popularity and was soon one of the premier addresses for casual-dining.

So that its regular customers could come more easily to their favourite restaurant, Mezzaluna opened a number of new branches around Istanbul and the rest of Turkey. Faithfully maintaining the same high standards of quality and service found in the original concept, Mezzaluna, thriving and growing strong on the smiles of its satisfied patrons, created a large, extended family.



Mezzaluna, Ankara’daki üçüncü restoranını sıra dışı alışveriş merkezi Next Level’da açıyor.

Mezzaluna, İtalyan şef Carmine Antonio Lombardi’nin yönetimindeki mutfağından çıkan pizzaları, ev yapımı makarnaları ve özel İtalyan lezzetleri ile misafirlerini Next Level Alışveriş Merkezi’nde ağırlıyor.


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